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The Tauranga alternative music scene entered it's first and only gold period at the start of this decade. In retrospect it was more pyrite than gold but the bands of the time paved the way for better bands to come along and write a few songs and actually have people say 'hey that aint half bad, let's go see this band play live'.

This band, All Haill the Funkillers was one of those groups that benefited from the pioneering hard grafting musicians of yore but that is because they were pioneers. A Tauranga super group if you will. AHTFK formed from the ashes of going nowhere acts The Elements, Molly Gunn and Gallus Storky.

Featuring the gruff, completely indecipherable veteran Scotish drummer Willie Mone solidly smashing the beats with his idiosyncratic automaton like left handed drumming style. Imp like man boy Rob Heath making a feedback, effects laden racket of punctuated art guitar noise. Shiny domed purveyor of Kellogs crunch doom bass Doug Yeiter keeping the ever danceable groove. And the queen of the scream Shannon Avery wailing her lyrics about all manner of pop culture things from Barney Rubbles kid to that asian martial arts guy that isn't Bruce Lee.

When their four powers combine they make a Tauranga group unlike any other. Where as most Tauranga bands are content to just make noise and maybe just occasionally make some more noise - All Hail the Fun Killers run the gamut of the poppier side of the alternative music equation. With songs that while attacking in a musical aspect are held together by catchy melody, danceable rhythms and big doof doof bass that makes you go 'Yah'.

Catch this band today before they head off and make an even better band.


released August 22, 2015

Recorded by Damian Lunson and Evan Pope.
Mixed and mastered by Evan Pope at Media in Motion

Thanks Evan, Damian, Austin Cunningham, Ed Gains, pushinguppixels and last, and certainly least, John Gibson



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