Tha Stacey Joans EP

by Wheatbags Anonymous

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This album is dedicated to all them wheat loving "ma fuckas" who know that gluten intolerance is a cry for attention. From the mean streets of Wellington, Kansas, Bishop Mal Tedbarley and organ lady Gladys Toeatwheatus have joined forces to spread the good word of gluten.

These five choice cuts of Wheatbags' early beginnings chronicle the paths that have been, the paths that are and the paths that will be.

So grab some wheat based cereal or some durum wheat pasta and your finest hefeweizen and strap in for 17 minutes of wheat worshipping vegan-opposing, intolerance of gluten intolerance.

Shout outs to Stacey Joans, the All Blax, Saniterryrium, Tauranga Music Sux, the biggest wheatbag, mass production lines and worldwide religion for manipulating evolutionary progress since the Dark Ages.

We hope you enjoy these hymns as much as we enjoy not diddling kids (we're looking at you, various forms of religions.)


Bishop Mal Tedbarley & Gladys Toeatwheatus of Wheatbags Anonymous



released September 7, 2015

Bishop Mal Tedbarley - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Percussion

Gladys Toeatwheatus - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Percussion



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Savant Garde Records Tauranga, New Zealand

Some people just shouldn't make music, but do they care. No! For some people just have to play. Savant Garde Records in conjunction with Tauranga Music Sux presents the worst of this collective in a poorly presented DIY fashion for you listening displeasure. Warning music associated with Savant Garde Records will in all instances cause stereos to malfunction..... ... more

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Track Name: Stacey Joans
My name's Stacey Joans
Come and get a loan from instant finance
My name's Stacey Joans
Come and get in debt on behalf of me

I'm Stacey Joans, I'm selling loans,
I used to play rugby now I'm smoking cones,
You know my face, and you can trust my grin,
And if I'm on your team then you'll surely win,
At losing any chance that you ever had,
At living a life without debt on your back.

My name's Stacey Joans
Come and get a loan from instant finance
My name's Stacey Joans
Come and get in debt on behalf of me
Track Name: Ragby
Ragby, ragby my friend
Ragby, ragby again
Am I the first five-eight?

Am I the first five-eight?
(Or the hooker)

Track Name: Shitty Beers (Campfire Singalong)
Shitty beers are shitty beers and nobody likes shitty beers.
I wanna taste my fucking beer.