Scowlin Wolf is Coming to Town

by Liberated Squid

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All proceeds go to Scowlin Wolf's charity of choice - himself in order to pay for his monumental fuck up of a financial burden music festival Woodcock. Give generously.


Scowlin Wolf is coming to Town

You're in for a treat if you're into punk rock
just hop in your car and head to Woodcock
Scowlin Wolf is coming to Town

He's making a list, he knows if you're shit
you're gonna end up in the 'Shit Cunt Sandpit'
Scowlin Wolf is coming to Town

He sees that you are gullible
he knows you have some bucks
he'll fleece you for your money
cos Tauranga Music Sux

You better not cry, you better not pout
"where is that cunt?", I hear you all shout
Scowlin Wolf is coming to Town
Scowlin Wolf is coming to Town
Scowlin Wolf is coming to Town


released December 5, 2015
Music and Lyrics by Michael Baxter



all rights reserved


Savant Garde Records Tauranga, New Zealand

Some people just shouldn't make music, but do they care. No! For some people just have to play. Savant Garde Records in conjunction with Tauranga Music Sux presents the worst of this collective in a poorly presented DIY fashion for you listening displeasure. Warning music associated with Savant Garde Records will in all instances cause stereos to malfunction..... ... more

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